Nude Swinging Couples Camping In Nature’s Forest

Swinging retreats in the woods have become popular in the more recent years. Nature’s forests provide an excellent cover for privacy, and can be both sexual and spiritual. Since the overhead is low, these types of camping retreats are inexpensive. If you are thinking about this, here are a couple things to consider.

Outdoor Camping

When you are camping outdoors, the facilities are usually limited. There are a couple things you need to remember. Many nude swinging forest retreats will offer cabins to rent, but these are usually limited and only include very basic amenities. You will probably have some type of heating device, and a sink and toilet, possibly a shower. If you don’t book a cabin early you’ll have to rough it in a tent. This can be great fun for the swinging community, but it may not be for everyone.


Most swingers camping retreats will have activities planned. You aren’t required to participate in these, but they can be fun. If the retreat is near a lake or stream, they may have swimming or boating activities. Bonfires with storytelling are also common. These activities allow everyone on the adventure to get acquainted and serve as a way to break the ice.

What to Bring

When you are planning a camping trip you need to make sure you pack several items. For swinging events condoms and lube should be packed. You should also pack a bag that will serve as a trash bag. You don’t want to leave anything behind, especially condoms. This can harm wildlife. Also remember to pack plenty of bug spray and sun screen since you’ll be nude in the open air.


Techniques to Turn Your Man On and Keep Him Hard

There is nothing worse than trying to get intimate with your man just have him go soft before you finish. There are several things you can do to help him stay hard without worrying about him getting off too soon. Here are just a few things you can do.

Prolong the Activity

Instead of kissing for a few minutes then going straight to the sex, find ways to prolong the activity. The more you put on a show before the main event, the longer he will last. Try doing a sexy striptease for him to get him revved up. Masturbate for him to give him a show that will excite him. Masturbating will also help get you closer to orgasm. This way when you start to have sex, there is less of a chance of being left unsatisfied if he’s too fast. There are plenty of sexual and sensual activities you can use that will keep him aroused, but keep him from ejaculating. Just use your imagination.

Use an Aid

Cock rings can be a wonderful device. They are designed to fit around the base of the penis. The idea is that they help control the blood flow, allowing him to maintain an erection for longer periods of time. They can also help desensitize the penis, allowing him to last longer. If you use this in conjunction with a numbing cream found in any sex store, you can have sex for hours without him losing his erection or ejaculating too quickly.


What Does A Fluffer Do During Group Sex

A fluffer is used in more than just pornography movies. They can be found in swingers clubs, group sex events, and other activities where a man needs to stay erect for longer periods of time, or needs to be erect on command. If you are planning a group sex event, here are a few reasons to consider using a fluffer.

What They Do

A fluffer at a group sex event will be an unpaid person that will perform sexual acts, usually oral, on the men to keep them erect. Those on porn sets may be paid. In events where the sex will be primarily straight sex, the fluffers are usually women. Sometimes using a mix of male and female fluffers is a good idea. This way if there is gay or bisexual activity there is a fluffer for everyone. At most events where a fluffer is needed there are rules regarding what the fluffer can do. Some will only allow manual stimulation with hands or toys. Others allow oral sex. The reason for this is so the men don’t get so worked up that they get off too quickly.

Finding Fluffers

It’s pretty easy to find fluffers for group sex events. At private events you can ask the women to take turns fluffing for short periods of time. This way they can do more than just fluff. A lot of women love giving men oral sex, so they may volunteer to be the fluffer. This way they can have oral sex with several men and still have a good time.


Masturbating Before Sex to Last Longer

Masturbating before sex is a great way to prolong it when it comes time. It helps to desensitize you, allowing you to go longer before getting off. Since having a second orgasm takes more work, this gives you extra time during sex. This can work for both men and women.

Before a Date

If you masturbate before a big date you will be less likely to be preoccupied with sex all night. It also helps to keep you lasting longer if things happen to go that way. First impressions are important, and first sexual impressions are just as so. If you start to get intimate and don’t last long, this doesn’t leave a good impression with your partner. Masturbating before the date will help eliminate a lot of this.

Second Orgasm

The first orgasm usually happens quickly. If you wait a little while after the first one and try again, it will take you longer to reach climax. Even women who are multi-orgasmic will have a benefit if they get off first then wait a while. When you masturbate you desensitize yourself a little. By the time you start to have sex you won’t be as easily wound up. This means it will take you longer to come to the point of climax.

Masturbate Together

One way to increase the pleasure and your longevity is to masturbate together. For a woman this has a couple benefits. One, men love to watch. They are visual creatures. Watching a woman masturbate is a great way to get them turned on. Two, they will learn what the woman likes. If they watch a woman masturbate they get to see what she likes. After you both climax, you can start playing together.


Nudist Campsites and Caravanning Holidays

Nudist campsites are popular vacation ideas for open minded adults on holiday. You can find campsites all over the world that cater to the nudist population. There are several things to think about before you plan a holiday to a nudist camp.

Nudists and Swingers

While many swingers are nudists, not all nudists are swingers. Some campsites are open to swinging activity, while others are strictly for nudists. If you want to swing you need to find out about this before you plan a holiday. The nudist lifestyle is different. Those that are nudists and not swingers aren’t going for the sexual aspect. Instead they just enjoy being open and free with nudity, and don’t attach sexual value to the freedom. If you check beforehand you can save yourself embarrassment. This way you will avoid disappointment when you show up to find out that sexual activity is not welcome openly.

Adventure Holidays

A popular twist on the nudist vacation is the nudist caravan. In these types of holiday’s groups of nudists will get together and plan adventure type vacations. Resorts are more likely to be open to this if a group of people are attending. If you want to do something outside a traditional camping experience, look for nudist caravan adventures. You will generally need to book these holidays well in advance, and if not enough people sign up the holiday may be cancelled. The best way around this is to find a travel agency that specializes in adult themed vacations. They will be able to get enough people to sign up that you won’t need to worry about this.


Advice for Dogging In the Woods

Dogging in the woods can be exciting. It can also be dangerous if you aren’t careful. While dogging in the woods is becoming more popular, there are several things you should consider for safety’s sake.

Know where you’re going

If you’ve not been out in the woods before, you want to go with someone who is experienced. Be sure you can easily find your way back to your car when the festivities are over. A map is a good idea, but a GPS unit is even better. With a handheld GPS unit you can mark the location of your car, and then just follow the arrows at the end of the night to get back.

Pack a Safety Kit

You should have a flashlight, a cell phone with a full charge, a map, and identification packed in a pouch you take with you. This way if you happen to get lost you can call for help and have what you need until it arrives.

Surviving the Woods

Dogging outdoors is much different than dogging in a car, especially out in the woods. You want to make sure you have a blanket or something you can lay down so you aren’t rolling around on the ground. Bug spray is a great idea as well. This will prevent you from getting mosquito bites, chiggers, ticks, or other pesky issues that come along with dogging in the woods. Many people prefer to wear clothing that doesn’t have to be completely removed for sex as well. Skirts for women and slacks with large flies for men work well.